BMA is proud to have on staff many of the country's finest and most respected musicians across many music genres.

We offer four grades of instrumental and vocal teaching to suit your needs; Standard, Senior, Masters and Maestro and all you need to do is to look through our teaching faculty and make your choice!

The next step is to make an appointment to meet for a consultation and tour of BMA.

The rest is up to you!

BMA Group Violin Programme
Junior 1 (4 - 5 years old )
Junior 2 (6 - 7 years old)
Junior 3 (8 - 9 years old)

You can never start too soon in learning the violin so why not sign up for one of these groups designed especially for the needs of the very young.

The BMA Group Violin Programme is the perfect foundation for developing an appreciation of the art of playing the violin as well as a solid technique and all delivered in an enjoyable and engaging environment.

Both students - and parents - will learn about bow control and sound development and more besides and in doing so have fun and meet like-minded friends.


Music Theory & Appreciation
Music Theory is a tool to help you understand the universal language of music.

Lessons at Bentley Music Academy can help you develop and enhance your music appreciation regardless of genre; from learning the fundamentals to recognizing orchestral instruments and understanding technical terms used in scores, to the basics of composing Music Theory at BMA prepares you to become a well-conversed and complete musician.

We offer group theory lessons covering grades 1 to 5 on Saturdays, individual theory lessons for the more advanced grades from 6 to 8 and Group Music Appreciation Classes.

Music Appreciation Group Class (For Grade 6 and above)
Objectives of these classes: To give students an understanding of the different styles of Western Music from the Baroque period to contemporary styles. The focus will be on the different forms of vocal and instrumental music, composers and their works (score analysis). These classes are divided into three modules over three academic terms.

Module 1
Baroque (1600 - 1750) and Classical Period (1700 - 1800)
Topics: Vocal & Instrumental Music from both Baroque and Classical periods.

Module 2
Romantic Period (1800 -1900)
Topics: Vocal & Instrumental Music from Romantic period; ideas on Nationalism, Impressionism, and works of Debussy and Ravel.

Module 3
20th Century (1900 - 1940)
Topics: Atonality, 12 tone row, Serialism, Neoclassicism, Expressionism, 20th Century Contemporary (1940 - present), Experimental music, Electronic music & mixed media, Chance music, Minimalism, Sprechstimme, Pop, R & B, Jazz and World Music.


Composition Course
Composition Director of Composition - Jessica Cho

Classical pianist, Alfred Brendal once said; “a good performer has to compose” and yet, for many of us, the writing of music is a mystery that is hindered by misconception and ambiguity.

This intensive two tier programme is designed to offer practical and realistic advice and is intended for both the intermediate and the advanced student preparing for music studies at University - though does not exclude the novice and mildly interested!

All classes meet weekly at BMA with Tier One pupils ideally needing a minimum of Grade 5. Topics covered include; analysis, group composition, appreciation, nomenclature of instruments and music notation with Tier Two being for the (slightly!) more serious and devoted (a minimum of grade 8 theory is required here or have graduated from Tier One) and interested in pursuing the study of composition at tertiary level. Classes will include practical workshops, concerts of your own compositions and lecturers from visiting composers and performers.


Field's Forum
Field's Forum A voyage of discovery across the symphonic oeuvre awaits all those genuinely interested in the study of orchestral music as seen from a conductor's vantage point. Designed for those who have a sincere interest in conducting and perhaps already possess some orchestral experience, the course meets every fortnight under the direction of BMA Principal, Kevin Field; who will lead you through the great, the obscure and possibly even the downright outrageous in orchestral music! Open to all, aged 15 and above.


BMA Foundation Course.
For those either taking a gap year, home- schooled or simply want more music experience in general the BMA Foundation Course is an opportunity to combine elements of all the BMA programmes into a package that suits your timetable and budget. Drop in to BMA or email to request a free consultation.



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