Chee Hui Hui - Clarinet

Hui Hui started her music education with the piano at the tender age of just three years which offered her the perfect foundation, some years later, to obtain an Associate Diploma in Music, Australia, in Piano Performance. With a natural talent for singing, Hui Hui obtained Grades Five and Eight in the same year and, in 2004, obtained an Advanced Performance Certificate of Trinity College, London.

In 2004 Hui Hui was the only - and youngest - soprano from Malaysia to join the Asian Youth Choir (AYC), joining again in 2006, 2007 and 2009. In 2016, Hui Hui performed as Josephine in the comic opera by Gilbert and Sullivan, H.M.S Pinafore with The Actor Studio Chorus and Orchestra.

With a keen and dedicated interest in orchestras, and ensemble playing in general, Hui Hui received clarinet lessons, initially with Mr. Casey Koh, and then from Mr. Philip Arkinstall, former Principal Clarinet with the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra (MPO).

In 2008, Hui Hui was awarded First Class Degree of Performing Arts (Music) from the University Malaya.

A natural music educator, Hui Hui has presented piano, Kinder Beat, Solfége, music dictation, and music theory courses at the Areca Music School, Ann Perreau’s Music School and Young Choral Academy, and was instructor of the Music Wiz Workshop at Penang Performing Arts Centre.

In 2010, Hui Hui joined the Malaysian Philharmonic Youth Orchestra (MPYO) becoming principal clarinet in 2013. With the MPYO she toured Malaysia in 2010, and to Brisbane, Australia in 2012 serving the orchestra until 2015. Hui Hui has since performed as a substitute with the MPO and is now as extra musician of the orchestra.

Hui Hui also performs with the Penang Symphony Orchestra & Chorus, Penang Symphony Orchestra, Penang Philharmonic Orchestra, Penang Wind Orchestra and The Actor Studio Chorus and Orchestra, together with the Selangor Symphony, and the Wind Quintet of the Alliance Francaise, Penang. In 2014, Hui Hui also participated in the ABRSM Ensemble Competition with a clarinet-French horn duet, and won First Prize - Advanced Level.

As a founding member of Treblemaker, Hui Hui has arranged music for MPYO/MPO side-by-side Chamber Concerts, and is also the Art Director of the monthly music newsletter of the same name.



Fareed A. Aziz - Trumpet and Fluglehorn

Fareed started playing trumpet when he joined St. John Cadet Band during his time in secondary school. Right after school he quickly enrolled for the NATIONAL ACADEMY OF ARTS, CULTURE and HERITAGE (ASWARA) and graduated in 2006 in Classical Performance in Trumpet. He gained further experience performing with National Symphony Orchestra and Malaysian Philharmonic Youth Orchestra and the National University of Malaysia (UKM) conducted by Dato, Johari Salleh. Fareed also trained in the art of several traditional instruments.










Ong Yong Hang - French Horn

Yong Hang started to learn the french horn at the age of 13 in his secondary school band. He has been performing with Penang Symphony Orchestra (PSO), Penang Philharmonic Orchestra (PPO), and The Actor Studio Choir and Orchestra ever since. At the age of 18, he was selected in the Malaysian Philharmonic Youth Orchestra (MPYO) and has been performing in concert tour to Brisbane in the same year, 2012.

In 2014, he won the audition to tour with the prestigious Asian Youth Orchestra, including performances in Shanghai, Hangzhou, Tianjin, Beijing, Hong Kong, Taipei, Chiayi, Osaka, Ayase, and Tokyo. Yong Hang is one of only five Malaysian musicians selected to compete and he became the only horn player to represent Malaysia in a decade. He is an extra musician of Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra (MPO) and member of the Selangor Symphony Orchestra (SSO).

Yong Hang has performed as soloist for The Queen of Malaysia during the official opening of Prince of Wales Island International School in 2013 with PPO. Yong Hang is also keen on playing in a chamber group, he has performed in a wind quintet concert at Alliance Francaise, Penang and a trio in Classical Music Asia Open Recital. In 2014, he won first prize for the ABRSM ensemble competition under the category of advanced level. Yong Hang also arranged music to perform during MPO/MPYO side-by-side chamber concerts with his group, Treblemaker.

He took his first horn lesson from James Schumacher, Co-principal French Horn of MPO through the Encounter & Outreach Program after joining MPYO. He had studied with Lin Jiang and Zora Slokar. Both are the former Principal French Horn in MPO.

Besides performing, Yong Hang enjoys teaching too. He has been teaching privately conducted various workshops outside his hometown, such as Kinta Valley Wind Orchestra (Ipoh), Ann Perreau’s and Young Choral Academy (Kuala Lumpur). Yong Hang is also the author of the music newsletter, Treblemaker.



Saxophone and Flute


Faliq Auri - Saxophone, Flute Penny Whistle and Uileann Pipe

Faliq Auri is a 'Multi-Wind Instrumentalist' based in the city of Kuala Lumpur. He started as a Flute and Recorder player when he was 8, and used to play the Scottish Bagpipe in high School.  He picked up the Tenor Saxophone during his University life and it had become one of his most passionate main instrument since; along the Flute, Tin Whistle and Uilleann Pipes.

2007 onwards saw Faliq actively performing in the local and international music scene. In 2008-2010 Faliq was posted as the Principal Flute player at Mara University of Technology's Symphony Orchestra and National Youth Symphony Orchestra. He held this post whilst still performing extensively on the Saxophone for the National University of Malaysia Orchestra and University of Malaya  Symphony Orchestra. In the fall of 2014, he toured USA with his fellow bandmates from the Diplomats of Drum. The tour took them right through 5 major cities in the United States of America: Chicago, Houston, New Orleans, Gainesville, Memphis, and Atlanta. They rendered cultural performances, fostering ties amongst art lovers.

With his versatility in various genres such as Jazz, Pop, Celtic, R&B, Classical, World Music, and Fusion; Faliq can't wait to share his experience and knowledge with his students. Faliq is setting up the BMA Penny Whistle group for children/ adults. This group will have the potential to venture into becoming the BMA Wind Ensemble. Do enquire within.