Performance First


Whether you are just starting out as a musician or already an advanced student, it is through performing that we best learn and at the Bentley Music Academy (BMA) our ethos is: “Performance First!”

Music is not just about exams - though they are important - it’s also about the environment in which you practice, perform and share your music. And at BMA, we pride ourselves in being able to offer you both excellence in teaching, as well as an environment the like of which there is no equal in Malaysia. With 22 bespoke practice rooms, a recital room and auditorium as well as access to quality instruments, BMA is just the right foundation for your music education, performance and potential career.

All performance opportunities at BMA are relative to the individual involved; whether you present a single 8 bar phrase or scale, a chorus, verse, or a whole movement from a sonata does not matter; the fact that you have prepared and dedicated yourself to this concert is a vital and crucial element in your continuing development as a musician.

Key to all successful music-making is the time relative to the content in preparation, and the communication of your skill and love of music to an appreciative audience. At Bentley Music Academy all of our students are encouraged to perform regularly as part of their core activities, often appearing alongside their peers and teachers.