Field's Forum


Look, listen and learn on this voyage of discovery across the world of great jazz, rock and pop, to essential music for orchestra, opera and music theatre.

Available for all those who are curious and passionate and want to know more, Field’s Forum is a general music awareness program designed to support your understanding and ability in theory and aural and help improve your one-to-one lesson experience.

But that’s not all!

Discover great and seminal music from around the world and the lives of the composers, artists and song writers that brought these songs and symphonies to life. You will also have the chance to learn to write your own pop, rock and art songs, compose in sonata form, and dabble in improvisation…

…and so much more!


Field’s Forum is available to BMA and non BMA students of all ages and is divided in to two groups: 1). Up to Grade 5 and 2). Grade 5 and beyond. Term fees apply. Send an email to to apply or call BMA on (03) 7727 3333 (ext:111/112/113) for further details.

Saturdays Eight weeks per term
9am - 10am Grade 4 and under
10am - 11am Grade 5 and above
11am - 12pm Grade 4 and under
12pm - 1pm Grade 5 and above

IMPORTANT: all members of each ensemble, group, choir and or orchestra under the auspices of Bentley Music Academy will be subject to Terms & Conditions and their operation is subject to demand.